The Aug. 14  primary election is upon us and numerous offices are up for grabs.

Some key local elections include Daytona Beach Mayor, Volusia County Council 2, Volusia County Supervisor of Elections and Volusia County Clerk of Court.

Some races will be decided while others will be decided during the general election on Nov. 6.

The Daytona Times asked the readers: Which races are you most interested in and why?

I am looking at the County Council Seat 2 race. There has been a lot of name bashing between Ken Ali and Josh Wagner on the radio. …  I believe in Wagner. I’ve known him and his family for a while.

– Kenneth Dowdell,
Daytona Beach

I am looking at several, including the mayor, county chair, supervisor of elections and school board. (Glenn) Ritchey did a good job as mayor and filling his shoes will be tough. Frank Bruno is a wonderful guy. He did well as county chair and filling his shoes will be also be tough. (Supervisor of Elections Ann) McFall has held her office for a long time and the people on the school board have been there since I was in middle school. The question is if the county is happy with what we have there or ready for a change.

– Deana Dutting,

35, Daytona Beach

I am interested in the presidential election. The president is the most powerful man in the world and leader of the world’s most powerful nation. He makes decisions that affect many, especially us here in this country in terms of health care, war and etc. You want to be on top of who that person becomes. Also, the mayor’s race because that person is in charge of our city and affects our lives daily and directly.

– Chaundra Browning,

34, Daytona Beach

Since I live in unincorporated South Daytona, I have to look at the county level, especially the County Chair and County Council Seat 2. I’m looking at both Ted Doran and Joshua Wagner for those seats. They have the best answers. I haven’t seen the others. I’ve met and spoken with both. I’ve lived here all my life and so has my family. I am looking for changes in the county. We pay so many taxes for hospitals, schools, the Ocean Center and our mileage rate is one of the highest. We also have one of the highest gas tax rates. I’m tired of us citizens paying for other people’s vacation. I hope that these guys can help make the changes.

– John Capers,

31, South Daytona

I am directly interested in the mayoral race. My former high school assistant principal Derrick Henry is running and I am assisting with his campaign. I think the next mayor should be someone willing to change the city for the better and dedicated to listening to the residents and cares. I think that Henry is that man. The other candidates are alright, but I think he is the man for the job.

– Douglas Moore,

21, Daytona Beach


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