First Church service highlights ‘Gifted Women of God’


Churchwomen echoed sentiments of taking part in the Women’s Day service. They later sat with guests for an enjoyable repast and were decked out in stylish fashion, reflecting the colors of blue and white to celebrate Women’s Day.

They are the women of First Church with the appropriate banner, “Gifted Women of God” from II Timothy 1:3-7, under the leadership of Pastor Gillard S. Glover.

Sparking the dialogue of the services were the Rev. Cheryl Daniels and Presiding Elder Mary W. Robinson.

Praise and tributes
The women of First Church answered the clarion call, sounding the line up of a Women’s Day Choir, including lead singer Marva Jones, praise singers, a piano solo by 91-year-old Blanche London, all under the direction of Minister of Music Leonard Hunt, Sr.

Co-chairs Ernestine Logan and Patricia Brown paid tribute, presenting the Women’s Day awards. The accolades for faithfulness through the spiritual gifts were accepted by: Minnie Carnegie, Thea Smith, Emma Wilson, Jacqualine Whyte, Mattie DeVore and Verna Mae Johnson.

“This event and all the efforts leading up to this day could not have happened without your support,” recounted Logan.

Brown continued, “This is truly a great day that we have been blessed to see, the culmination of our plans for this wonderful Women’s Day 2012. May we always remember that only what we do for Christ will last.”

Encouraging words
Since the Bible mirrors the tensions we face and seeks to apply to us God’s ways for the realities in our lives, the message at the earlier service was delivered by the Rev. Cheryl Daniels of the ministerial staff, and preaching “What A Woman Can Do,” from Judges 4:1-22.

Patricia Brown

“Thank God for the women. We fill a vital role,” said Daniels. “We do the teaching. We have the compassion, which drives the outreach ministry. Thank God for the active women, for those working when they are tired. But it’s the power of God that gets the job done. Let me encourage you always to serve the Lord.”

The Rev. Mary Williams Robinson, a gifted proclaimer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, is Presiding Elder of the Florida Conference in the 11th Episcopal District of the AME Church.

Robinson earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of West Florida, a Master’s of Divinity from Emory University, and she’s a candidate for the Doctor of Ministry degree from Trinity Theological Seminary.

‘Gifted to Soar’
The Bible shows our desperate need to trust God, the importance of staying true – regardless of what’s happening – and so Robinson preached the second service from II Timothy 1:1-7 and Acts 16:13-15, 40, which witnessed “Gifted to Soar for God.”

She preached that Lydia, a businesswoman, “never forgot who made her soar, knowing that God was the wind beneath her wings.

“She kept the faith,” declared Robinson, “because she anticipated that joy comes in the morning, not just for her, but for the community, the church, and other women.

She knew whose she was and who made her soar.

“Sometimes, we feel we are on a merry-go-round,” continued Robinson, “but in the final analysis, we have a God who will lift us and bring us from the valley.”

Addressing the congregation and also taking part in the second service were the Rev. Cheryl Daniels, presiding and delivering the Decalogue; Vivian Rowe with the invocation, the Rev. Theresa Waters, the Ministry of the Word; Gloria Benjamin, welcoming the guests; Ruby Sims, the announcements, and the Rev. Lannie Thomas, the altar call.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.



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