Self-defense class scheduled for April 18



Being able to recognize dangerous situations and knowing how to use your voice and body language to escape these kinds of situations can be life saving skills. The Daytona Beach Police Department is offering a two-hour self-defense workshop for women residents of Daytona Beach.

The next class is Thursday, April 18 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at police headquarters, 129 Valor Boulevard in Daytona Beach.

There is no cost for this potentially life-saving training.

Practical program
The workshop is specifically designed for women of all ages and will demonstrate how to escape an attack. It’s not like other programs that show participants how to kick and punch their way out. Participants will not be thrown around.

The practical program will show women how to simply escape from the most common types of attacks. The moves are easy to remember and extremely effective. A participant’s age and level of fitness are not issues.

The workshop is being offered in partnership with Simple Self Defense for Women.

Register online at or contact Charley Vega for more information at 386-679-1458.



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