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Philippians 4:8 reminds us, “…Think on these things; things that are virtuous, of good report and praise worthy….”

As I celebrate the first anniversary of my radio show titled “Think on These Things,” I can’t help but consider the scripture that the Lord gave to me for the show. In Philippians, Chapter 4, beginning at Verse 8, it summaries what the radio talk show attempts to convey to listeners each week.

What we have here is a call to fix our minds upon the things of God; which is the source for finding out about those things that are good in the lives of others. In other words, if we will fill our minds with God’s words, there will be no room for evil, no room for worry, no room for fear, no room for vengeance, no room for confusion and trouble. A mind filled with and led by the Word of God is a stable mind!

We’re suppose to take the initiative and force the mind to dwell on good things instead of allowing the mind to run amok and focus on evil thoughts, or gossip, or others and what they’re doing, or our problems. A mind saturated with and fixated upon the Word of God is a stable mind.

When our minds, bodies and spirits are healthy and in sync with one another, we’re better able to find the wholeness that we seek in life. We are definitely closer to being our best selves; we are better equipped to create a loving community around us; and to welcome and embrace the shattered lives that dwell among us.

Conversely, when our minds, bodies or spirits aren’t healthy, then we are less likely to achieve betterment and wholeness.

Each week when I walk into the WYCB studio, my mind, body and spirit are in sync; it’s a time when I know I’m there to do one of the things the Lord called me here to do; to talk about those things that are good, that are of good report and to talk about those things that are virtuous.

Those of you who read my column last week, read about the upcoming health fair, celebration of the first anniversary of my radio show, a coming together of my community, my church, the All Nations Baptist Church, and pastor, The Rev. Dr. James Coleman; and my family as we honor the memory of the devastation caused by diabetes in the life of my mother and millions of others in America.

In this same scripture, Paul is saying that the reality of our faith should be demonstrated in how we deal with other people. If the focus of our lives is on ourselves, then when people hurt us, slight us, or cross us, there’s a desire to retaliate. Paul wants us to take the focus off of ourselves, and put it on others.

When we are focused on those around us, we’re less likely to be hurt by what other people do. What they say won’t sting us so badly, and their behavior can be easily dismissed.

Join me and my church family at the health fair. We promise that you will renew your mind, body and your spirit!

When we adopt the mentality of self-love, we will always look at the things people do and say as a personal attack; wear our feelings on our sleeves; be more easily hurt by the words and actions of others. Let’s learn to accept others just as they are and overlook how they act and what they do.

Come out and seek the healing that you need for your mind, body and spirit, June 15th at All Nations Baptist Church.

Lyndia Grant is a radio talk show host on a Radio One Network, WYCB-AM, 1340. Tune in Fridays at 6 p.m. Call 202-518-3192 or send emails to to register.




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