Orange Avenue project delayed


Daytona Beach city officials had planned for bids for the Orange Avenue Streetscape project to go out to the marketplace on July 1.

All that changed recently when Public Works Director Ron McLemore was informed that the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) delayed their board meeting for the approval of a state revolving loan from June to October, causing the city a delay in bidding until the end of October or first of November.

McLemore said the city wanted construction to begin on the project around the first of the year, but now that will not be the case.

County approves $1.6 million
The city has applied for a $13,143,000 loan from Florida’s Revolving Funds to do the project.

In addition, a $4,697,000 Florida Department of Transportation grant and a $1,660,000 Volusia County grant will go toward the project.

Last week, the Volusia County Council voted to approve the $1.6 million.

Upon the date of receipt of the county’s $1.6 million payment as its contribution to the project, the jurisdiction and responsibility to operate, repair, maintain, control Orange Avenue from Nova Road to Beach Street shall immediately transfer to the city, according to an item on the County Council’s agenda.

The county’s contribution will be funded from local option gas taxes.


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