‘Everybody’s Birthday Party’ celebrates residents at Ormond senior center


01_JerolineMcCarthy01Thelma Gandy’s “Everybody’s Birthday Party” expressed wishing all sorts of wonderful things, and calling for a party in Ormond Beach.

Gandy put the right ingredients together in a combined birthday party for residents of Madison Glen Senior Development, where Gandy lives. This happened in the activity room of the apartment complex.

“Everybody’s Birthday Party” organizer Thelma Gandy sits at the right on the arm of the couch.  She’s a former resident of Palm Coast.
“Everybody’s Birthday Party” organizer Thelma Gandy sits at the right on the arm of the couch.  She’s a former resident of Palm Coast.

“I sincerely believe having lots of fun, good hearty laughs – singing, dancing, socializing and communicating – are all ingredients in helping to stay healthy,” said Gandy.

“Everybody’s Birthday Party” cheerily reminded how special each person is, and included Debra Williams leading a march by the celebrators to the party.

It summoned Williams’ energy of putting the party into action. Williams led with a spirit of hope, despite contracting a staph infection years ago, living with health issues since 2004, and having been confined in a wheelchair. But the Georgia-native enjoys volunteering at every event.

131031_dt_palmcoast01b“We’ve enjoyed the pancake breakfast and playing bingo every Saturday. Lots of things have been going on,” said Barbara Purdue.

“Everybody’s Birthday Party” recruited a lively bunch with laughter, beginning with Williams, and continued playing Charades and Cuckoo and dancing the Macarena and the Hokey Pokey. At the heart of pursuits were coordinators: Fran Sneller, Sharon Baeyen, Alice Walker, Grace Jones, Barbara Ellen Tynes, Annie Heslop, Lucille Chrisler, and Carolyn Llewellyn.

Holding the key, bringing everything together, was emcee Linda Tripler. Flavors satisfied the enjoyment of turkey wraps and sides, ice cream, and soft drinks put together by Thelma Gandy and Sharon Baeyen. Carrot cake draped in a cream cheese frosting was prepared by Master Baker Gandy.

The other accouterments for a well-planned party were: musician Isis Praderes, photographer William Newman, servers Marie Simchik, Mary Benzenhafer, and Sue Amos, as well as contributions made by Christine Pici, Nerissa Brennan, and Jamie Teitjen.

‘Phenomenal Woman’ show returns Nov 9
Public Relations Director Deborah Susswein passed on a press release about Cynthia Black. Susswein is a media specialist in the Flagler County area.

Cynthia Black’s second “Phenomenal Woman” Cancer Awareness Fashion Show will take place Saturday, Nov. 9, 11:30 a.m., at the Hilton Garden Inn, 55 Town Center Blvd., Palm Coast, and this time featuring not only women modeling from their personal wardrobes, but five male cancer survivors. The models will wear black, red, and white to represent the diagnosis, treatment, and healing stages of their journey.

“Star” model, five-year-old Kiera Timmons, who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age 3, will most likely need a bone marrow transplant. She will make her way down the runway with fellow senior cancer survivors.

Black’s exciting educational, entertaining event will be replete with speakers, including Faith Coleman, co-founder of the Flagler Free Clinic; Marion Hassell, a longtime Palm Coast resident and 10-year breast cancer survivor; and Col. Lloyd Freckleton, a breast cancer survivor and Vice-Chairman of Trustees at Daytona State University; local cancer specialists, NFL and NBA moms, vendors, plus door prizes.

The proceeds from the benefit will be donated to Kiera. The goal is to raise $25,000 for an operation since health insurance will not cover the entire cost. An appeal for donations can be found on Kiera’s Facebook page, “Hope for Kiera.”

Black’s passion is reaching the Flagler community through her WNZF radio talk show, “FYI on the 411” for educating listeners and raising awareness about critical topics like medical care for the poor, public education, and homelessness. Black’s show can be tuned in on Sundays, 10 a.m., on WNZF 106.3 FM and 1550 AM. Past interviews are archived on the WNZF website at: www.wnzf.com. Black can be tuned in live on Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m., on WPUL 1590 AM in Daytona Beach, which is the sister station of the Daytona Times.

Tickets to the event are $50. For information on becoming a sponsor, bringing a “Phenomenal Woman” event to your community, and purchasing tickets for the fashion show, call Cynthia Black at 386-546-1817.

Food giveaway
The Women’s Missionary Society of First Church has scheduled its monthly food giveaway for Nov. 9, 1-3 pm., at 91 Old Kings Road North, Palm Coast.

For additional details, call 386-446-5759.


As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted and bereaved.

Birthday wishes to: Debra Williams of Jamaica, NY, Nov. 2; Elaine Wettlin, Nov. 3; Joanne Price, Nov. 4; Ernestine Logan, Nia Caldwell, Lisa Henderson-Baker, Dot Straker, Nov. 5; Larry Wettlin, Richard Williams, Nov. 6.

Happy anniversary to: Bill and Rita Acey, Oct. 31.



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