Jackson gives kids a lesson on King, education



Bethune-Cookman University President Dr. Edison O. Jackson recognized students from Turie T. Small Elementary School last week for making the fall semester honor roll during a luncheon at the Mary McLeod Bethune Performing Arts Center.

Illyriaum Bevel along with his wife Shonda and two sons Jayundre and Desias attended the luncheon at the university. (ASHLEY THOMAS/ DAYTONA TIMES)
Illyriaum Bevel along with his wife Shonda and two sons Jayundre and Desias attended the luncheon at the university. 

Students who made exceptional academic gains and demonstrated good citizenship also were recognized. About 90 children and 75 parents attended “The President’s Luncheon with The Stars.”

“The question I have is this,” Jackson offered. “Would Dr. King be happy with what he sees taking place? In my sanctified mind, I believe he would not be happy.

“There are greater income discrepancies going on now than ever before. The anti-poverty program that President (Lyndon) Johnson created, poverty went down and now it has gone back up. And young people that is why education is so important because that is the only edge we have. So if you want to participate in the good life, try education. It is the fastest elevator to the good life.”

Advice for parents too
Jackson also emphasized during the luncheon, “I am trying to encourage you. There is enough mess going on all by itself.”

“When you leave here, be committed. It doesn’t matter where you are going back to, you have a chance. You are still living, you are still breathing, you aren’t in the ground, no one is crying about you,” Jackson added.

He then turned his attention to the parents and said, “So speak to our children, even though they may not do all that they want you to do, just speak to them. It will make all the difference.”

School partnership
B-CU has partnered with the Volusia County School District to support both academic programs and programs that promote good citizenship.

The idea is to make available university resources that may be applied to goals of the school district relating to higher academic achievement, greater school attendance and promoting good citizenship when students interact with each other.

“We know that students are our future and programs like this really encourage you to become our future leaders,” stated Dr. Margaret Smith, Superintendent of Volusia County Schools.



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