With an eye on Apple or Microsoft, 2014 grad picks UF for undergrad


It’s easy to say that Spruce Creek graduate Chesalon Taylor had a lot on his plate during his high school career.

140626_dt_front04bHe has participated in the International Baccalaurette program studying college level material, participated in multiple productions through his school’s drama department; and created scores of 2D art all while maintaining a 4.57 grade point average. And while in middle school, he mastered algebra I and II followed by geometry, trigonometry, and calculus I and II.

The 2014 graduate was awarded the National Achievement Scholarship along with a host of others and has selected the University of Florida to begin his undergraduate studies.

Dream job
“It is a prestigious school and has the programs I’d like to study,” he said of the university. “My dream overall is to go to Apple or Microsoft, to be innovative in the technology field.”

“We are slowly reaching the point where we are seeing old sci-fi of yesterday, today,” he added.

Taylor noted Google Glass eyewear that allows the user to record video, monitor fitness, use navigation and more was sparked by characters Captain James T. Kirk and Mr. Spock in “Star Trek.’’

Chesalon Taylor created the above artwork that reminds him of his siter Karys. “It is fluid and how I view my sister,” he says.(CHESALON TAYLOR)
Chesalon Taylor created the above artwork that reminds him of his siter Karys. “It is fluid and how I view my sister,” he says.

Engineering, art and drama
Taylor plans to major in computer engineering with potential concentrations in either programming of computer science.

He also has had his artwork on display at the Visual Arts Gallery at the Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Performing Arts Center at Bethune-Cookman University, including a “really whimsical design” based on his sister Karys, who is 10. “It is fluid and how I view my sister,” he remarked.

The graduate also has worked on props, stage set-up, costumes, and made sure actors in Spruce Creek productions were in place and ready. He snagged a leading role during a production of the “Enchanted Forest’’ held at Reed Canal Park during Halloween where he performed as Peter Pan as well as Charlie from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.’’

Family support
Taylor acknowledges his family for supporting his varied interests.

“We’re not particularly rich. Limits help me with my morals,” he explained. “If someone gives me something, I take it to heart. I’m really appreciative. Mee-ma is the sweetest nicest person I know, always asking for a smile to see my teeth.”

His grandma or “Mee-Ma’’ Mary Taylor calls her grandson a pretty conservative guy. “He never was a kid that was out in the street. When he was accepted into that (International Baccalaureate) program, he was just a bookworm as we called him. He makes us proud.”


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