Locals weigh in on rape suspect’s beatdown


He did a good job.

Those are the sentiments heard around the world for the father of an 11 year-old rape victim who pummeled 18-year-old Daytona Beach resident Raymond Frolander on July 18 after he said he found him sexually assaulting his son.

140724_dt_front03The teen admitted to the sexual battery and stated it wasn’t the first time.

The pictures of Frolander’s badly bruised and swollen face have flooded social media and news outlets leaving many to believe the attack was justified.

Apparently so, as Daytona Beach Police Department Chief Michael Chitwood said that charges were not being sought against the father.

Varied opinions
Daytona Beach resident Rontel Redding told the Daytona Times that “Frolander should be glad he is still alive. The love a parent has for their child is so far reaching. I’m surprised he (the dad) was able to restrain himself as much as he did. There are two people in this world that you will fight for no questions asked – your Mama and your child.”

Niya Smith, an online commenter from Emeryville, Calif., was more sympathetic to the alleged rapist saying, “This is what happens when we turn a blind eye and don’t protect our children and get them help. If someone had protected Raymond Frolander and gotten him help when he was abused, then maybe that child would not have abused another child. He was 15 when he started abusing that baby. So sad. More parents need to protect their children.”

Another commenter said, “The lie that all abused people turn out to be abusers is a lie and an excuse for sad little people like this evil individual! Good on ya, dad!”

Seeking financial help
The rape victim’s father is in the news again this week, shocking parents and law enforcement after he set up a GoFundMe account seeking $1 million from strangers to help with his son’s hospital bills and future expenses. The online page caused outrage for the father that he would try to make monetary gains off of the incident.

“We are reaching out to anyone that can help,” he wrote. “Our son was sexualy (sic) assaulted and we are now faced with the challenge of picking up the pieces, the emotional and financial burden is about more than we can endure.. Please. Anything helps.. God bless and be with you all..”

The dad – whose identity is not being revealed by the Daytona Times for the sake of the child – posted the donation campaign link on his Facebook page. A few hours later, the GoFundMe page title was changed to “Help Restore My Son’s Innocence” with a lowered financial goal of $100,000. Hours after that the donation page and the Facebook link vanished with accounts saying only $145 was raised.


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