Election signs are on the way


Not to worry. The races in Volusia are heating up.


It’s that time of year again. Election season.

However, residents in Daytona Beach may have noticed there aren’t a relatively large number of signs up throughout the city just yet.

One reason is due to the type and number of elections going to the primary this election year.

But don’t be mistaken. Many, many more are to come.

According to the City of Daytona Beach’s Development and Administrative Department, signage can be erected no earlier than 60 days prior to an election and must be removed within 14 days afterward.

The Volusia County Department of Elections has scheduled the 2014 primary election on Aug. 26, with early voting beginning Aug. 16 and lasting through Aug. 23, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The general election will be held Nov. 4 and the polls will again be open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Early voting will commence on Oct. 25 lasting through Nov. 1, a mere seven days. Early voting lasted a full 14 days in 2010.

The candidates
One of the most hotly contested races this year is for the Volusia County Council at-large seat.  But not so fast. There are two women and one man running making up two Democrats and one Republican and two Blacks and one White.

Typical stereotypes should be set aside. Webster Barnaby, a Black male Republican, and Patricia Northey, a White female Democrat who also sits on the Volusia County Council, both seek to unseat current At-Large Council Member Joyce Cusack, a Black female Democrat.

Cusack, a former eight-year state legislator says she is the “voice of all people,” and that her “only special interest will continue to be the people of Volusia County,” adding that she will continue to be a tenacious advocate and leading voice for everyday people.

Northey, an eight-year Council member says that Volusia deserves a “strong committed leader who understands the issues affecting us.” She adds that she has provided that kind of leadership every day since she took office and will continue to work for residents, making a difference, every day.

Barnaby, a Deltona City Commissioner, born in Birmingham, England, says that he is concerned about the direction of Volusia County, “Almost every day, television, the Internet and print media inundate us with stores about scandals and wasteful spending involving Volusia County Government.” He adds that he believes the council has to find cost effective ways to reduce the cost of government..

Big bucks
How does your favorite candidate measure up? Here are the latest treasure reports available by the Daytona Times deadline. Incumbents noted by an *

City Commission Zone 1
*Carl Lentz: Total money in: $25,650 Total money out: $4,183.05
Andrew Moore: Total money in: $3,294.95 Total money out: $3,217.82
Ruth Trager: Total money in: $30,675 Total money out: $1,771.93

City Commission Zone 3
Steve Miller: Total money in: $0 total money out: $0
*Kelly White: Total money in: $15,793.25 Total money out: $11,657.84

City Commission Zone 5
*Patrick Henry: Total money in: $23,800 Total money out: $7,428.45
Stanley Pandy: Total money in: $1,051.06 Total money out: $791.54

Volusia County County Council
At Large
Webster Barnaby: Total money in: $44,150 Total money out: $20,350.16
*Joyce Cusack: Total money in: $33,132 Total money out: $9,166.29
Patricia Northey: Total money in: $22,425 Total money out: $9,236.23

Get registered
A little more than a year ago, the United States Supreme Court struck a blow against voting rights.

Its decision in Shelby County v. Holder opened the door for states to pass discriminatory laws suppressing voting, especially among young voters and minorities.

Some states, including Florida and Ohio, have dramatically shortened early voting opportunities, including the weekend before Election Day when many minority voters choose to vote in “Souls to the Polls” efforts.

Per Florida Statute, residents must be registered to vote at least 29 days before an election to be eligible to vote in that election. This year that date falls on Oct. 6 by either postmark or hand delivery.

Applications may be submitted to any public library in Volusia County, any Supervisor of Elections office within the State of Florida, the Florida Division of Elections office, a driver’s license office, a voter registration agency, or an armed forces recruitment office.



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