Recount completed, Cusack faces Northey in Volusia at-large race



The Volusia County Canvassing Board has finished the machine recount in the Volusia County Council at-large election.

As reported in last week’s Daytona Times, the state-mandated recount for the hotly contested seat was under way following the Aug. 26 primary. Frontrunner Joyce Cusack, the incumbent at-large council member, had been guaranteed a spot on the Nov. 4 general election ballot.

Her contenders – longtime County Councilwoman Pat Northey and Deltona City Commissioner Webster Barnaby – were within a small margin of each other.

Tedious process
Before the recount, Webster Barnaby had received 22,659 votes (32.37 percent, Cusack received 24,539 votes (35.05 per- cent) and Patricia Northey received 22,2812 (32.58 percent). Those results mandated a recount because the difference between Barnaby and Northey was 153 votes or .21 percent.

After re-tabulating 75,000 ballots, segregating out the over votes and under votes, balancing the number signatures with number of ballots cast, working several 15-hour days by most staff members, the results were Barnaby receiving 22,669 votes (32.38 percent), Cusack receiving 24,530 votes (35.03 percent), and Northey 22,822 votes (32.59 percent).

“Although the process was tedious, costly and time-consuming, I am pleased to present the results that could not have been accomplished without dedicated canvassing board members and Department of Elections employees,” said Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall.



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