Couple picks Bike Week as perfect time for nuptials


Amid the engine ramming, loud music and exhaust you will find newlyweds H. Lynn “Buttafly” Hill and William C. “Dollar” Rawles. They tied the knot on March 11 during Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week, which kicked off March 6 and will run through March 16.

Motorcycle enthusiasts William and Lynn Rawles were married on March 11 in Daytona Beach.(ASHLEY D.THOMAS/DAYTONA TIMES)
Motorcycle enthusiasts William and Lynn Rawles were married on March 11 in Daytona Beach. (ASHLEY D.THOMAS/DAYTONA TIMES)

The pair, who has known each other for three years, held their destination wedding at the Blue Grotto Wednesday evening in front of friends, family and plenty of bikers.

They met at a bike event in New Jersey in 2012.

“They both love to ride,” relayed friend Africia Ansari of Newport News, Va.  “They are both very outgoing, all about family and have a passion for life.”

She said through laughter, “Their bike-loving is everything,”

Bike Week repeats
Rawles is the founder of two bike clubs – one in Newark, the other in Bloomfield, NJ.

“We both love to ride,” Hill shared. “We met and fell in love.”

Hill says she has been to Bike Week events in Daytona Beach for two years and Rawles has come down for three.

“We have a great time,” she continued.

“We thought, ‘What better place to get married?’ ‘’

“I ride because the gray area between life and death when only seconds separate the two is where I feel alive. I ride because it’s who I am and it’s in my blood,” said Rawles. “When I look at Lynn that’s where I feel alive!”

World’s largest
Daytona Beach has been home to the “World’s Largest Motorcycle Event” since 1937. By Saturday, nearly a half-million bikers are expected to have made their way to the annual event.

Street festivals, concerts, motorcycle races, bike shows, rallies, manufacturer showcases and plenty of food to be had take place in and around Volusia and Flagler counties.

Bikers convene on Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard (MMB), Main Street, Beach Street and along U.S. Highway 1.

“Business has been good so far,” Elijah Perkins owner of J&J Enterprise of Wilmington, N.C. told the Daytona Times on Tuesday. He and wife Jeanette have set up shop on MMB for over a decade. They sale patches, pins and hats and have a sewing machine on site to add directly to a jacket or other article of clothing.

“We’ve come down 15, 16 years and it continues to grow. When we first came, the attractions on this side of town were held in the park and grew and grew and was moved to the street,” he shared.

“The first weekend is always slower than the second,” he continued. “But the second weekend makes up for it.”

More competitive
Ro Bryant, a Bike Week and U.S. Navy veteran, agrees.

“It has certainly grown,” the Jacksonville native said. “There are more of us (Blacks) here, but there is less to do on this side (MMB) than the others, so you have to move around.”

Bryant wants to see prices in the MMB area become more competitive and offer additional services that he says are a given at other locales.

“The local people are fighting over who will get the dime,” he concluded. “But understand everybody will get a chance to eat.”


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