One new company, 400 new jobs


Distribution center expected to hire hundreds on Saturday


Daytona Beach residents ranked a lack of jobs as a top concern in the city during a town hall meeting in January. This weekend, one company will try to ease some of those concerns by beginning the application process for upward of 400 available positions at a distribution center currently under construction.

A job fair for the under-construction regional distribution center Trader Joes will be held on March 28. (ASHLEY D. THOMAS/DAYTONA TIMES)
A job fair for the under-construction regional distribution center Trader Joes will be held on March 28.  (ASHLEY D. THOMAS/DAYTONA TIMES)

World Class Distribution Inc. will be operating the nearly 800,000-square-foot regional distribution center on the north side of Dunn Avenue, just east of Interstate 95 for Trader Joes, the Monrovia, Calif.-based upscale grocery store chain. A 93,000-square-foot refrigerated warehouse space and 6,000 square-foot maintenance building also will be on the grounds.

Best to pre-register
Jobs for the center are being filled at the career fair ranging from manual labor to administration to drivers. The fair will be from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on March 28 at Career Source, 359 Bill France Blvd., just behind the Volusia Mall.

“There are a number of jobs available fitting persons who have degrees to persons who do not have degrees,” Emory Counts, City of Daytona Beach Economic and Community Development Director told the Daytona Times. “And they pay reasonably well for this area.”

At last count, over 500 people had registered for the fair.

“We have a ton of people pre-registered for the event,” said Lou Paris, spokesperson for Career Source. “We are asking people who want to come to go onto Employ Florida (, the job posting website, and register to make the flow of the process of the interview a lot simpler the day of the event. We want to fill 300 to 400 jobs that are long-ranging, from managerial positions down to janitorial.”

First come, first serve
Bridgette Turner, a job seeker filling out an online registration for the fair at Career Source, says she will be first in line.

“I’ve heard that so many people have already registered; people will be standing in line at 6 a.m. just to make sure they get a spot,” Turner shared.

Paris said the interviews will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Applicants will receive a number upon arrival and verification of their registration with Employ Florida.

Those who are unable to pre-register will still get the opportunity to do so using the computers at Career Source. However, it is strongly recommended to have the registration done beforehand.

“We will have the computer labs available and staff available to get them signed up,” Paris shared.

More opportunities
“People need to get out, get their application in and get it in early,” Commissioner Patrick Henry told the Times. “Our local people need to get out first thing.”

“There are many opportunities for jobs right now,” Henry continued. “Daytona State is holding a job fair on Thursday (March 26), The News Journal is holding a fair on April 2. Over at the Career Source in Orange City, another job fair is being held on April 22 and the DSC (Daytona State College) campus in Flagler is holding a job fair on April 24. This is a great time to live in Daytona Beach. We are experiencing job expansion not seen in recent memory.”

How to register

Go to

If you already have an account, sign in. Otherwise follow the steps online to create an account.

Click on “My Dashboard.”

Go to “My Calendar” and click on “Upcoming Events.”

Select “CareerSource Flagler Volusia 4360.”

Select “Job fair” for “Event Category” and go to March 28.

Click on event.

Click on the “Register” button (at bottom of page).

Alison Mochizuki, a spokeswoman for Trader Joe’s in California, did not respond to a request for comment by the Daytona Times’ Wednesday night deadline.



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