West African man constantly mistaken for Barack Obama



It’s been said that everyone has a twin, and that may just be true. One man, Jose Oliveira, says he can’t leave his house without people thinking that he’s President Barack Obama. He says he is bombarded all the time with selfie requests.

Jose Oliviera says he gets requests for selfies multiple times a day.

Jose is 43 years old, has five children and lives in Sal, Cape Verde (an island off the coast of West Africa), where he works as a tour guide.

He says that he has been dubbed “Mr. Obama” by his friends and family, and when he is wearing sunglasses, he will surely get stares and eventual photo requests from complete strangers.

“Some people even ask me if I am his brother,” he noted.

Plenty of selfies
“As soon as they see me they say: ‘Oh my God, you look just like Obama!’”

Oliveira said. “I find it very funny, and I don’t mind posing for photographs with people. I have at least 15 photographs and selfies taken every day.”

Jose has never met Obama, but when asked if he would ever consider a job as an Obama look-a-like, he said he would be very interested.

He replied, “I have never thought about working as an Obama lookalike before, but maybe I would if given the opportunity. If it was an honest and respectful job that allowed me to support my family, I would think about it.”



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