Green Party of Volusia gains official affiliate status

The Green Party of Volusia County has gained official affiliate status with the Green Party of Florida.

“Although our Volusia Greens group has been meeting regularly for over a year, gaining our affiliate status is a big step for the growth of the Volusia Party,’’ said Gayle Gorlewski, co-chairperson of the local party.

There are approximately 226 Green Party registered voters in Volusia County.
“There has been a heightened interest in the Green Party, especially since the last presidential election, when many voters were turned off by the poor choices offered by the major parties and the skewed treatment against the {Bernie} Sanders campaign by the DNC {Democratic National Convention},” said Steve Baker, a local member.

No corporate funding
The Green Party of the United States has been in existence since before the turn of the century with a platform based on their 10 key values, which the four main pillars are: grassroots democracy, social justice, ecological wisdom and non-violence.

“Greens’’ across the nation have run hundreds of national and local candidates for public office. Green Party candidates prohibit corporate and lobbyist funding to their campaigns.

The local group also has been active in events such as Volusia Pride Fest and local Earth Day activities.
The next meeting will take place at on Nov. 15 at the People’s Whitehouse, 736 S. Beach St., Daytona Beach.
Contact the Green Party of Volusia County via email at

–Special to the Daytona Times


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