Seabreeze dealing with fights, online threat


For more than a month, fights have reportedly been breaking out at Seabreeze High School.

On Tuesday, 731 students missed school after an online threat was made about someone possibly taking a gun to the school. There are more than 1,700 students enrolled at the Daytona Beach school.

On Wednesday, there was an off-campus fight near the school involving students and two construction workers. Police were looking for a 15-year girl who is a freshman at the school. The workers and the girl reportedly were exchanging racial slurs. The girl allegedly was wielding a knife.

District responds

According to social media posts from Volusia County Schools, police were in the area because of a fight last week near the same area.

Authorities say the fights aren’t racially motivated but some students have a different take. Parents are concerned and one told the Daytona Times that she is taking her kid out of the school.

No lockdown

On Wednesday, Volusia County School District spokesperson Kelly Schulz issued a statement updating the situation at the school on both Facebook and Twitter.

“As many of you know, there have been fights recently involving some Seabreeze High School students both on and off campus. Police have been investigating and the school has taken action against some of the students involved,” the statement read.

“Today during the off-campus lunch, several students were seen getting into a fight with two construction workers. Police were in the area because of the fight on Friday near the same spot and stopped the fight quickly.’’

“There have been a lot of rumors circulating today on social media. We want you to know that Seabreeze was not on lockdown today and no weapons were found on campus. Everyone on campus remains safe. Once again, the incident that happened today was off campus. If you have any questions, please call the school before spreading unsubstantiated information,” the statement included.

‘It was crazy’

Students are also concerned about their safety at the school after some nerve-racking weeks.

“I went to school yesterday, but I was afraid that someone was going to come to school and shoot us. I normally do feel safe since we do have officers on campus,” K’maya Brown, a junior at Seabreeze, told the Times on Wednesday.

Shane Culver, a freshman, at the school, said he doesn’t feel safe.

“I went to school that day, but it was crazy. Nobody was really there and classes were really small. We were afraid just about every time someone came in a door. Normally, I feel a little safe but yesterday was crazy,” he related.

Brown doesn’t think the incidents were racially motivated.

“No, I don’t think it was a racial incident at all. Black and White kids were on both sides,” stated Brown.

Culver differed. “They say it’s not racial now, but that is not what I originally heard. There are some White kids that do use the “n” word a lot.”

Parents react

One parent who didn’t want to be identified due to fear of retaliation to the student told the Times that she’s taking her child out of the school.

“I think it is an unsafe environment and I am taking my child out of the school to be home-schooled. I think that it is racial and been going on for some time,” she stated.

Another parent said her child was involved in some of the fights. She also didn’t want to be identified.

“Parents feel for their children’s safety. Also, we know that punishments are being dished out unfairly with Black students being expelled and White students getting in-school suspension, which is truly unfair. We hear parents are moving their kids out of the school,” she told the Times on Wednesday.


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