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Book Festival
Donna Gray-Banks

When the next F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival rolls around in January 2020, the organizer and creator will have her own recent book to showcase. The third installment in Donna Gray-Banks’ trilogy was released this month, eight years after her second entry was published.

Through her book festival, she brings in authors from around the country.

Long journey

Because of her commitment to promote other authors as well as her work in the Volusia community, it took her longer than expected to finish the “Ila’s Diamonds’’ trilogy.

“The journey to the completion of ‘Ila’s Diamonds III’ has had its pleasures and pain,” Gray-Banks told the Daytona Times. “I find it very difficult to write when I am in the eye of a hurricane, but once the air cleared in my life, completion was possible.’’

‘Write something’

Gray-Banks has this advice for aspiring writers.

“I also never wanted to give up. If I have anything to say to new writers, write, no matter what, write something.

“Even though I was not completing ‘Ila’s Diamonds III,’ I was writing short stories, poetry, magazine articles, etc. There is a song entitled ‘I Hope You Dance.’ An author’s song should be, ‘I hope you write,’ she added.

How to get book

The trilogy is available on Amazon, Kindle and through the author by emailing to order an autographed copy.

Her next project? “Ila’s Diamond IV: The House That Jack Built.’’

The 2020 F.R.E.S.H. Book Festival will be held Jan. 9-11 in Daytona Beach. It was created in 2012 by Banks-Gray to promote literacy in the Black community.



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