Rules favor them, not us


The much anticipated and long-awaited Robert Mueller report has been handled in an unbelievable way.

We first received four pages of a 22-month study that told us nothing truthfully. Attorney General William Barr led us to believe everybody had been picking on the poor innocent president. The four pages gave Donald Trump the opportunity to continue his mantra that the report totally exonerated him, when it clearly did not.

Trump’s plan

A few days before that, Trump was throwing flames at the Mueller team. There’s no doubt the Department of Justice and the White House are doing everything they can to discredit the Mueller report, so Barr cooked up a summary to try to confuse Americans.

Before the press conference, Rep. Maxine Waters had characterized the AG as having proved himself to be a lackey and a sycophant. Then came Barr’s press conference proving her to be right.  All laws, precedents and common courtesies were broken, denying lawmakers and the public what we have the right to know – the truth.

One wondered why we couldn’t get Mueller’s findings from Mueller rather than having Barr telling us what the report said. The report was also meted out in different versions at different times. The White House saw it before Congress!

Before Dick Gregory made his transition, he warned us about this chaos. I didn’t see clearly what he meant until Barr delivered his interpretation of what the Mueller report actually said.  Barr’s version compared with what came next once the redacted report went public, is mind-boggling.

What Barr reported has no relationship to what the Mueller report actually said.

Trump’s illegal acts

We now know and understand why some on the Mueller team were concerned, even offended, by earlier versions of their report. The report does not exonerate Trump!  It specifically says he did many things that would endeavor to obstruct justice, such as trying to get his staff to commit illegal acts – but they refused. In essence, Mueller turned the matter over to Congress to act on the findings in the report.

Barr has shown himself to be a puppet of Trump with no concern for the American people.   He leaves me and many others with no confidence in the Department of Justice. Barr went into Trump’s head and described how angry and frustrated he was, then used that as an excuse for his doing and saying the awful things he did.

Time for healing

Our whole society is wounded when the system on which we’re expected to depend favors certain people over others. This country cannot seem to overcome its horrible history of unequal treatment of people of color and the underserved.

A brilliant group I know has developed a program that focuses on healing and prevention. We must take heed when a talented group of people who look like us come up with a system for healing our wounds.

Email to get more information on the study.

Dr. E. Faye Williams is national chair of the National Congress of Black Women, Inc. Contact her via



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