Orlando Urban Film Festival set for May 24-25

Orlando Urban Film Festival
Jason D. Gregory


The University of Central Florida’s Center for Emerging Media in downtown Orlando will serve as host to the sixth annual Orlando Urban Film Festival (OUFF) scheduled for May 24-25.

Known for its gathering of award-winning directors, producers, and filmmakers from local, national and international markets, OUFF connects with a global community through movies, music, and conversation. The festival will generate an audience from across the globe, featuring a variety of workshops, screenings and panel discussions.

“Our goal is to expose and share an opportunity for the local community to meet creative talent and students who live, work, and play in Central Florida,” notes newly elected OUFF President Jason D. Gregory.

“This includes top actors, musicians, filmmakers, directors, screenwriters, technology specialists, industry executives, community service leaders, and others,” Gregory continues. “We proudly recognize and award these talented individuals for their accomplishments.”


OUFF opens its doors for youth to get involved through the Young Filmmakers Session, where they can learn creative business techniques to help discover hidden talents.

“Learning skills on how to communicate, in communications and media. will encourage young people to build high self-esteem for future success,” notes Marianne Eggleston, OUFF Founder.

“I am honored to continue working alongside Marianne to ensure that we recognize talented local and national filmmakers that are committed to bridging communities and exposing stories that have not been told,” says Gregory. “And, we are especially thankful to UCF for believing in our vision and the importance of diversity and inclusion. We are honored to have the University host the 2019 Orlando Urban Film Festival.”


Gregory is a recent University of Central Florida, MFA Film graduate and president and founder of Gregory Media Group, LLC, an Orlando-based multicultural marketing, advertising, and event management firm.

He brings more than 20 years of marketing and advertising experience to the festival and has worked with brands such as the National Basketball Association, Tom Joyner, and Allstate Insurance.

In his new role as president, Gregory will be challenged with expanding the OUFF brand and continuing the legacy that Founder Marianne Eggleston began six years ago.

For additional information about the Orlando Urban Film Festival and to purchase tickets, visit http://www.orlandouff.com. Contact Gregory at 813-817-9287 or Eggleston at 216.256.8060.


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