A day of celebration ‘by any means necessary’


Grab your African flags, your sage and your freshest outfit! Sunday is Malcolm X Day all across the globe and the party has officially begun.

In Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Amsterdam, and even Brazil are throwing official parades, educational seminars and community events. More than 16 states are participating here in the U.S.

Second event

For the second year in a row, my incredible team will be hosting our Malcolm X Day Community Bash. Kicking off at 12 noon and lasting until evening, it is the unofficial kickoff for summer here in Daytona Beach.

Hosted by the iconic and multitalented Kaynah Lassiter, with assistance from DJ Jimbo Bush and ALL-N-Records on sounds, the all-day celebration will consist of live entertainment, free food and drinks as well as fun and games for the whole family. Like each one of our programs, we like to have a mix of party and education to truly leave an impact.

Blessing the stage is an eclectic mix of some of the most talented individuals throughout the state of Florida. Vocalists Antoinette Brown, Nfrwi Hall, Cynthia Wynn, J’avion Mcvadian and Mark Refour. Poets including Laqwonna “Lady Q” Glaster as well as Sista Tria hailing all the way from Tampa.

Jacksonville hip-hop duo Von/ Clutch will be blazing the stage as well as entertainers Ima Jackson and Harmoni Rose. Local hip-hop superstars Rufis, Shake Back, Mg Cue, Ko Coke, Yella Page Keebo, Marisohandsome, Amani, GII Code, Finesse Kurt, Banie Blue, Percy Hammercy, and 10-year-old rising star TPhresh will be in the building, truly bringing this celebration to life.

Motivational speakers

Special guest speakers including local leaders as well as the family of fallen king Shykari Willis, who lost his life during an altercation with a Daytona Beach police officer, will be on hand to deliver powerful and motivational words to a community who needs strength now more than ever. If you’re a fan of the culture, good food, and positive community events, this is the one you truly don’t wanna miss.

No matter the incredible talent, amazing volunteers and activities planned for the day, we must truly never forget the purpose of days like these: education, liberation and empowerment. Celebrating history and culture are one of the founding principles of being an American.

Never forget that Black and African history is world history. This day is so important because it reinforces the idea that children can aspire to be excellent in their communities and become leaders in their own right.

The most primary principle of Brother Malcolm’s vision was community first. Focusing on the struggles and cracks and let’s brainstorm, with our own resources, ways in which we can create solutions. Community Healing Project Inc, the nonprofit I founded three years ago, thrives on the ability to connect culture, families, education and unity in a way that has allowed us to travel the country doing outreach and changing communities.

400 years

According to historical texts, the first enslaved Africans arrived in the states in 1619. That is 400 traumatizing and transformative years that removed us from our original culture, history, language and beliefs. We’ve been led to believe that we were savages, swinging on vines and practicing witchcraft.

What they didn’t tell you is that we were alchemists, scientists, doctors, architects, and most importantly rulers of our own kingdoms. A lost and almost erased history which has been removed from our textbooks, and pop culture in general. But with programs and events such as Malcolm X Day, those images and memories will never leave the minds of the next generation of leaders right here in our community.

Therefore we celebrate a day of Black unity, a day of Black love, a day of Black history, and a day of Black power, “BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!”

Rell Black is an award-winning activist, blogger and the founder of Community Healing Project Inc.



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