Flagler board votes to shut down The Sheltering Tree

Sheltering Tree

The Sheltering Tree, Flagler County’s only cold weather shelter, was shut down by Bunnell’s zoning board on May 31, according to a media release sent by Sarah Ulis for the Sheltering Tree’s board of directors.

Ulis states that with a quorum of three, the city’s zoning board voted to end The Sheltering Tree’s 11 years of service to the community.

The Sheltering Tree has provided the homeless with food, one-on-one assistance, and a cold-weather shelter since 2008.

Based at Bunnell’s First United Methodist Church, the shelter is dedicated to provide the basic needs to the homeless – including food, tents, sleeping bags, and clothing – while helping them make the transition to permanent, affordable housing, and preventing at-risk individuals from becoming homeless.

The cold-weather shelter opens for volunteer/supervised/ overnight stays when the temperature dips below 40 degrees. The shelter opened 19 times this past winter.

The Sheltering Tree’s board of directors will appeal the decision.

Volunteers, donors and supporters are meeting this month to discuss the issue, as well as other strategies to further the mission of The Sheltering Tree.

Sheltering Tree

Verna Johnson, Louise Reid and Carmel Hooke (standing), all dressed in red for Pentecost Sunday, celebrated June 9 at First Church in Palm Coast.

Locals respond to Cuba travel change

Sybil Dodson Lucas wrote on Facebook on June 6, “We were informed while at sea that ours is the last ship that the United States will allow to travel to Cuba.”

This was a result of an April 17 White House foreign policy release announcing that Trump is continuing his efforts to hold the Cuban regime accountable for its abuses and to reverse previous policies that enriched the regime.

Lucas further stated that “two vessels were turned around. Ship’s crew are in tears. Passengers weeping.

Sheltering Tree
Happy Birthday to Rufus S. Coaxum, the father of columnist Jeroline McCarthy, who is celebrating his 100th on June 15.

“Our wonderful trip ends with a sense of loss, sadness.

“There’s anger as well.

“The feeling is that an unseen hand is squeezing the life out of people, worldwide.”

Melinda Morais said, “I’m glad you enjoyed your trip. I wish I had gone already!”

Yours truly answered, “OMG (oh my goodness). That’s horrible. What a loss of opportunity for America. I thank God that I went in 2000 through the auspices of the African American Cultural Society, sponsored by Dr. Alberto N. Jones.”

Patricia Bottoms answered, “I’m so glad that we went with Alberto (Dr. Alberto N. Jones) and Silvia in 2015.”

Dr. Alberto N. Jones said, “These are the results of irrationality, bullying, fundamentalism, and ignorance, that keeps the world in constant fear and threats.”

Meshella Woods answered, “You may want to consider our group trip to Ghana with a twoday stopover in Dubai. That’s July 22 to Aug. 5. Call me at 904-6396040.”

Actress, model and opera singer Kela Holmes will be in concert at First Church.

Opera singer will perform at church

Singer Kela Holmes gave herself permission to be awesome while video advertising for “Ford’s Mustang Moment with Kela Holmes,” a feature of her performing at the San Francisco Opera.

She again will be awesome in concert with classical, jazz and contemporary music at First Church, Saturday, June 22, 4 p.m.

The actress, model, opera singer will return, where she rendered a “stirringly beautiful take of ‘Summertime’ last June in a performance of ‘Porgy & Bess.’”

The ticket price is $15 per person.

For tickets, call the church at 386-446-5759. First Church, pastored by the Rev. Gillard S. Glover, is located at 91 Old Kings Road North, Palm Coast.

As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted, the prodigal son, or daughter, and the bereaved.


Birthday wishes to the Rev. Pat Coley Ford, June 12; Ray C. Henderson, June 14; my dad, Rufus S. Coaxum on his 100th birthday, June 15; Danielle Delaney, June 16; Imani Kinshana, June 18; and Elaine Koonce, June 19.



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