Police say rap music and drugs led to violence that rocked city for days.

Daytona Beach police respond to shootings on Tuesday at Weaver Street and Mary McLeod Bethune.


A recent string of shootings has the city on edge.

Police responded to six shootings in a two-day span, including five on Tuesday alone.

These incidents resulted in one death, four arrests, three people shot, and another on the run. 

During a press conference at police headquarters on Wednesday afternoon, Daytona Beach Police Chief Craig Capri addressed the media about the shootings.

“These incidents are all related. It’s basically a disturbance between two rival groups who are fighting over – believe it or not – rap music and drugs,” Capri said. 

Operation Summer Heat 

Which rap groups the assailants were tied to could not be confirmed as of the Daytona Times’ Wednesday night deadline. 

The shootings, paired with a separate law enforcement operation, also resulted in 66 citations, nine arrests and four guns confiscated along with the seizure of large amounts of marijuana and heroin seized. 

“We actually have an operation ongoing every summer called Summer Heat, which addresses violent street crime. This operation is in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies. We were out already before these shootings,” Capri explained. 

“The current shootings led others to flee the law and end up arrested. Crime, violent crimes and shootings are all down. This was a string of random events over a four-hour period.” 

‘I don’t feel safe’ 

The shootings also had many residents worried like Devonne Roberts, who lives in the Derbyshire area where several incidents occurred.

Roberts told the Daytona Times, “I don’t feel safe. I want to pack up and leave. I thought they had everyone in custody. Something needs to be done to stop these killings in our community. We really need people to come together to find solutions.” 

City officials want to assure public safety.

“We want to reiterate support for our police and the great work they do. We want to send a message to the community to always work with law enforcement,” said Daytona Beach Mayor Derrick Henry. 

“Our safety depends on us working with law enforcement and letting the bad guys know that we stand together against violence.’’ 

Following leads 

Capri echoed, “There was never a time that the city was out of control and unsafe.  We were on this from day one. Our officers have done a great job following leads. The safety of our citizens is our top concern. We want our residents, businesses and visitors safe. If you use gun violence, we will come and get you and lock you up.”

Two on Monday 

On Monday, there were two other shootings in the Derbyshire area.

Police responded to calls of a Black Nissan firing shots near at 118 Berkshire Road near Derbyshire and Third Street. A man was shot in the foot. 

The victim did not press charges and refused to cooperate with authorities, according to reports. 

More on Tuesday 

On Tuesday night, police arrested three suspects in relation to a drive-by shooting, which took place at 1324 Moore St. 

Police arrested Diante Thompson 23, Demackalis Few, 27, and Rasheem Smith 21. 

Law enforcement was looking for 17-year old Kevin Stokes. There was a $500,000 reward for anyone with information leading to his capture.  

What went down 

According to reports, the three were suspects in the drive-by shooting. They had been spotted by law enforcement after tips describing the vehicle they were driving. Law enforcement trailed the vehicle. 

The men left that vehicle and got in a vehicle with a female driver. They left a gun in the other vehicle, reports indicate.

After a car chase, they were apprehended. A woman identified as Zipporah Shavers was taken into custody by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office for driving the switching vehicle. 

Shootings, crash 

Earlier on Tuesday, police responded to calls of a crash and gunshots near the corner of Weaver Street and Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard. On Tuesday, three separate shootings rocked the town just a day after two other shootings. 

A vehicle was crashed as a result of being chased by another vehicle reports indicate. 

It was reported that the two men in the crashed vehicle were being chased by another vehicle with three men inside who opened fire upon them along Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard. 

Following the crash, the men fled on Weaver Street. One man hid behind a building and another was fatally shot in the back. The victim was identified as 19-year old Dameon Carn, according to police reports. 

Rounds fired

Shortly after that incident, police responded to a call of a woman shot at Taco Bell on Nova Road. 

It was determined that she was shot in the leg during the shooting incident that happened on Madison Avenue and Gibson Street just moments earlier. 

Police say the woman had dropped off her boyfriend when a car pulled up and a man got out with a rifle and started firing rounds. 

More violence 

Reports also indicate that at least eight shells were fired off and the woman begged not to be shot and said she had nothing to do with the incident. 

Also on Tuesday, police responded to a call where a vehicle had been hit by gunfire at 1114 Berkshire. The person in the vehicle was not injured and was uncooperative with officers, reports state.


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