Democrats’ political gifts to No. 45


After watching and reading about the highlights of the Democratic Party ‘debates’ I am convinced that the Democrats, at least those on the debate stages, really don’t believe that No. 45 (Donald J. Trump) is a threat to vital interests of this country. 

If they truly believe what they consistently say and write, they wouldn’t have provided No. 45  and his Trumpettes with a basketful of political gifts to use against their eventual candidate for the presidency. 

All about themselves 

Instead they came off, at least to me, as “me, myself and I” narcissists, striving for personal attention and future big-time positions in the corporate, academic or political arenas. There is also the possibility of book contracts or jobs as television commentators. 

The belief of most of them seem to be that most voters in the country live in urban areas such as Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. No. 45 knows better. He practically never campaigns in the large urban centers. Instead, he focuses on the majority of the White population in the country who share his basic beliefs.

Beliefs that White males haves some kind of divine right to be the dominant force in national and international affairs; that the only immigrants who should be allowed to enter and become citizens of the U.S. should be ones from places like Norway; that Black folks should be grateful that they were rescued from “shithole” countries in Africa; that intelligent, strong-willed women are a pain in the you know what; that it would be blasphemous to put a photo of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill; and that Dr. Ben Carson is the ideal colored man. And on and on. 

Trump knows better 

The 20 Democrats on those debate stages and most of the American print and broadcast media, progressive and conservative, consistently romanticize the White American voting public as being basically firm proponents of justice and equality for all citizens of the U.S.

Again, No. 45 knows better. He and those around him are well aware that throughout this country’s history, millions of middle-income and working-class Whites have voted for their racial biases over their economic interests.

Most of the debaters know damn well that they have absolutely no chance of being elected president of the U.S. in 2020 or any other year. Yet instead of using their time, energy and resources to defeat a con man who they insist is a dire threat to all that they believe in, they will probably continue playing their me, myself and I games. History will judge them harshly.

A serious Democratic Party would choose Joe Biden as its candidate if he makes a public oath to serve only one term as a transition to the next generation.

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