Izetta Scott celebrates 100th birthday with family, friends

Mrs. Izetta Scott, right, poses with her good friend Bobby J. Scarlett.


Mrs. Izetta Scott of Daytona Beach joined the centenarian club on Monday. 

A day earlier, she was glowing and beautifully attired during a birthday party in her honor at Red Lobster in Daytona Beach. There, she was lauded by family, friends and church members from Greater Friendship Baptist Church in Daytona Beach.

“I feel pretty good, especially with everyone around. I’m very happy. It’s a beautiful party. I got this far by the grace of God. I also had a good husband,’’ Mrs. Scott told the Daytona Times on Sunday. 

Beloved deaconess

Despite her age, Mrs. Scott is an active member of the church; she is also a deaconess.

“Our church has three centenarians, which are all doing well and are all active in the church. We celebrate them. We give them all attention, affection, love and care. Today is Deaconess Scott’s day. She is a wonderful person. It’s great to celebrate her special day with her,” said Essie Smith, president of Greater Friendship Baptist Church’s Deaconess Ministry. 

The Deaconess Ministry organized the party for Scott. 

Scott enjoys the company of friends and family, especially her family in Christ. 

She said, “I love serving the Lord. I love church. I have a lot of friends in church. The people are really very nice.” 

Friends, family and church members help Izetta Scott celebrate her birthday.

‘A jewel’

Scott’s family and friends can’t help but to rave about her.

Her goddaughter, Carol Burnett was at the party by her side. 

“My godmother is a jewel. She is a sweetheart. She has been the same from day one. She was there when I was born. She’s always been in my life. She is a beautiful person. She is very genuine and everything that you would want in a mother,” expressed Burnett. 

Scott has had a profound influence on her life. 

“She has had a positive influence on me. My godparents have been there for me my entire life. When I got married, my godmother was there as my mother. She has been more of a mother to me than a godmother.” 

‘Sweet, generous’ 

Mrs. Bobby J. Scarlett also had glowing words to say about her best friend. 

Scarlett emphasized, “She is my best friend. My husband and I have adopted her. She resides with us during hurricanes. She is a very sweet, generous and loving person. She always gives to family, friends and the church. It’s great to celebrate her birthday with her.” 

Her early years

Mrs. Scott is a retired housekeeper who came to Daytona Beach with her now-husband, Brook Scott, in 1982. He died in 1988. 

Mr. Scott was a longtime financial secretary for Greater Friendship. 

Mrs. Scott was born on Sept. 23, 1919 as Izetta Polite in Buford, South Carolina to Edward “Buddy” Polite and Victoria Polite.

She was raised by her grandmother, Alice Polite. At the age of 12, she was baptized in Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Buford, South Carolina.

She attended Robert High School in Buford, South Carolina in Hazel Farm County. 

When, she was 18, she relocated to Savannah, Georgia.

In 1947, she married her husband in Savannah. The couple remained married until Mr. Scott’s death in 1988.

Lived in New York 

In 1950, the Scotts migrated to Mt. Vernon, New York and resided in New Rochelle for over 25 years. 

Mrs. Scott worked as a housekeeper for a family while her husband was a butler. 

“I worked for good people that took care of me,” she said. 

Scarlett added that the family she cared for in New York still keep in touch with her. 

“She worked for them for over 25 years. They love her,’’ Scarlett noted.

“We moved to Florida basically because my husband wanted to come here,” noted Mrs. Scott. 

Advice for youth 

Mrs. Scott also attended Garvin Temple Baptist Church in New Rochelle for 25 years and was an usher and deaconess. She also was a member of the Order of Eastern Star. 

Mrs. Scott had no children of her own but has nieces and nephews who live in Savannah. 

The centenarian had some simple advice about life for young people.

“Just be good,” she quipped.



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