Literary spotlight: What to read while you wait


As we shelter in place, this is a good time for us to catch up on reading.

Please take the time to read to your children and your grandchildren as they spend time at home during this event.

The list of children’s books and the other genres are by local and regional authors who have all participated in the F.R.E.S.H. Book Festivals in Daytona Beach.

Literacy is a legacy that we should leave for our children and our children’s children.

As we gather together as families and friends during this trying time, take some time to transport to another country, another time, another universe and enjoy the possibilities “as reading will take you places you will never go” (Dr. Seuss) Enjoy!

Most of the books are available on Some are available as audiobooks and eBooks.

Editor’s note: Donna M. Gray-Banks is the founder and director of the F.R.E.S.H. Book Festivals.

Children’s books

Rekia Beverly: “Mrs. Ashbury’s Birthday’’ “Mrs. Ashbury’s Hero’’ and “Mrs. Ashbury Teaches Black History,

Vincent Taylor: “Cornbread Has A Bad Habit,’’ “Cornbread Faces the School Bully,’’ “Cornbread and the Stolen Diamond Watch,

Shontell Woods: “Emery Takes On Kindergarten,’’

Dr. Primrose Cameron: “Princess Primrose goes to Washington DC,’’

Robin Ghent: “The Sweeping Night Dream,’’

Constance Poitier: “Chase Loves to Read,’’ “Chase Head’s to Kindergarten’’ and “Chase’s Graduation Day,’’


Sharlyne C. Thomas: “When Heaven Hears Your Prayer,’’;

Chaconna Downs: “Simple Sayings: Sprinkles of Encouragement,’’ “21 Talks Conversations with God and “21 Talks for the Workplace,’’

Angie Bee, “Last Week… I Wanted To Die,’’ “MAAA! Why Hearing God’s Voice is Essential to Motherhood’’ and “In the Beginning There was God Me and You.’’

Self help

Tawanna Chamberlain: “Communication & Crisis Management amid the Coronavirus,’’

Angie Ransome-Jones: “Path to Peace, A Guide to Managing Life After Losing a Loved One,’’


Derek Triplett: “Happier Endings – How to Guard Your Relationship’s Future,’’ derektriplett on Twitter and Instagram

Ann Marie Sorrell: “Chronicles of a Serial Dater,’’,


Robin Ghent: “Meet Me at The Bus Stop,’’


KR Bankston: “Shattered Peace, Interception, and The Agency.” and

Adult suspense

Donna M. Gray-Banks: “Ila’s Diamond,’’ “Ila’s Diamond II’’ and “Ila’s Diamond III,’’,


Keith Kareem Williams: “The Higher Learning Curve’’

Urban thriller

Keith Kareem Williams: “Death in the City’’

Contemporary literature

Keith Kareem Williams: “Time Doesn’t Stop for Broken Clocks’’


Elizabeth Savage: “No Trespassing” Tamiya Davis: “From Fatal to Fierce,’’

Asante McGee: “Reclaiming My Power, My Life in the Aftermath of R. Kelly,’’


Laro Claitty: “Hot Enough to Melt Chocolate,’’ “Unfollowing My Ex’’ (Book 1 of the East Coast – West Coast Short Story Series), “Love Connection’’ (Book 1 of the East Coast – West Coast Short Story Series).


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