Volusia County beaches close

County Manager George Recktenwald announced Thursday that Volusia County’s beaches would close at 12:01 a.m. Friday, April 3, until further notice.

“In order to avoid sending an inconsistent or confusing message to potential visitors and residents, we are taking the step to close our beaches as an additional effort to fight the potential surge in coronavirus cases,” he said during a news conference.

All vehicular and pedestrian beach approaches, beachside parks, and county-owned off-beach parking lots and walkovers will be closed.

Lifeguard towers will not be staffed during the beach closure. Beach Safety staff will fly the double red flag, indicating that the water is closed to the public. 

“Our goal is to educate violators, and we have every expectation that they will comply,” Recktenwald said. “However, if offenders fail to comply, or if we see repeat violators, they will be issued a second-degree misdemeanor, which comes with a hefty $500 fine.” 

For the latest updates from Volusia County Government, visit www.volusia.org/coronavirus


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