Women turn heads during Hatitude Luncheon at First Church

The Hatitude Luncheon was teamwork by Virene Garrett, Carmel Hooke, Imani Kinshasa, Barbara Greene, Nellie Davis, Ruby Sims and Aisha Benton.


Because hats are a perfect way to sashay into spring, the fourth Hatitude Luncheon presented by the Women’s Day Committee sprang into action just prior to COVID-19.

Whether opting for conservative or trendy, hats were plentiful at the educational complex of the First Church of Palm Coast.

They channeled a kickoff culminating into Women’s Day and enabled women to show up and show out their stylish appearance in hats.

“I can tell you there’s a lot of ‘hatitude’ in this building,” quipped Sybil Lucas at the mic.

“There’s just something about wearing a hat that makes you feel good. Doesn’t it?” she inquired. “It really does.’’

“I’m so filled with admiration when women put something on their head, go forward, and the attitude follows…and makes them particularly elegant,” she added.

Wearing their fancy church hats are First Lady Sachiko Glover, Adrienne Ellison, Thea Smith, Sybil Lucas, Cassandra Ivory and Esther Hamilton.

Prize for best hat

Everything around was filled with flavor from the finger foods.

A hat show nailed it for the participants to hit the runway. Thea Smith was chosen the winner of the best hat at the luncheon.

Hat designer/vendor Jacqueline Rentz added to the flair.

The sale of Adrienne Ellison’s German teacup sets would benefit the homeless outreach, chaired by Michelle Seyfert at Palm Coast United Methodist Church.

And, because of teamwork, the Women’s Day Committee left it up to Virene Garrett to be the mistress of ceremony, Barbara Greene for prayer, Esther Hamilton for scripture, Sybil Lucas to welcome the women, and Pastor Gillard S. Glover to deliver the remarks.

The Hatitude Luncheon was a smooth move by the Women’s Day Committee – Sonia White, chair; Nellie Davis, Hatitude chair; Virene Garrett, Carmel Hooke and Imani Kinshasa.

As always, remember our prayers for the sick, afflicted, the prodigal son, or daughter, and the bereaved.



Birthday wishes to twins Nekosha and Porsha Jones, Christine Rooks, April 16; Edmund G. Pinto Jr., April 17; my husband, Louis P. McCarthy, April 21; and Marsha Rode, April 22.



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