B-CU needs to keep caring, capable professors


Dear Wildcats and supporters,

Well, we have almost completed one hurdle (financial), but there is still gloom within the walls of our great university. The mental health impact of COVID-19 is extremely stressful for everyone, especially some students in attendance. Even though stress affects everyone differently, fear and anxiety factors into my topic.

I am a mental health counselor in training and not only am I overwhelmed by this virus, but the constant in-house cat fighting between control of our faculty whose main goals should be to educate your students.

Finding it hard to concentrate and understand why this is a repetitive occurrence adds to that stress. This has become stressful even if a person does not have mental health concerns. What is being allowed to happen at this university is harmful to those who pay attention and tuition and it must stop.

Drain the swamp

B-CU has lost excellent, smart, caring professors in the past because of this in-house cat fighting for position – Dr. Deborah Wilson and Dr. Raheem-Williams, who contributed excellence in teaching, just to name a couple.

Now, our department head, Dr. Jeffery Haynes, who wrote the mental health program, cares about all of his students, proctors and has a 99% graduation rate as well as state board testing (passing), was told his contract will not be renewed.

Dr. Chrite told me when I met with him to discuss my concerns that it was for budget reasons. I have a solution: All of those persons of insignificance who constantly play throwbacks with my credentials, LEAVE.

Unfair to students

Those who are making those salaries, bleeding the swamp, relinquish part of your salaries, or LEAVE. Students have feelings too and we can feel the burn. I am trying to represent B-CU and honor my credentials to this program.

We have spent over three years embarrassed and trying to get through the agony of securing our education. There are too many distractions and certain persons should not be allowed any longer to destroy one of the best programs in this discipline.

This is unfair, and as a student, we have power to demand these performances from your administration to STOP. Enter to learn and depart to serve.

We require a good, sound education from well-balanced, capable instructors. Air your dirty laundry away from those professors who care about our success and mental awareness.

We are at the top of the academic spectrum. Why, Dr. Chrite, are you allowing certain persons to destroy this institution with pettiness? If it were not for these people, B-CU would have had a doctoral program. Drain the swamp at B-CU.

Norma P. Bland is a graduate student at Bethune-Cookman University.


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