Literary spotlight: What to read while you wait


As we continue to live safe and stay in place, here are more authors and their books you might want to consider reading during your COVID 19 experience.

One of the books I read while I waited:

Author Brian W. Smith – Missing. “This novel is fast moving and takes you down different paths where you are expecting an ending and (nope), there is a stop sign. Loved this book.

Contact Information: to purchase this book. For appearances or speaking engagements please visit


Author Harold Michael Harvey – “Freaknik Lawyer: A Memoir on the Craft of Resistance, The Duke of 18th & Vine: Bob Kendrick Pitches Negro League Baseball and Justice in the Round: Essays on the American Jury System. No audiobooks. E-book (yes). Justice in the Rounds also available at

Contact Information:, Harold Michael Harvey is available for speaking engagements, book signings at meetings, conferences, and events. Visit,  email:

Author Frank M. McClellan – Healthcare and Human Dignity (Law Matters), audiobook (no), Kindle (yes), available at, and

Contact Information:

Author Carolyn Sanders-James – Finding My Way and Making My Mark Available at Audio and E-Book (no).

Contact Information:

Author Duane C. Fernandez – Lies Uncovered: “The Truth About the Arthur G. Dozier Reform School for Boys

Available at

Contact Information:

Children’s book

Author Carolyn Sanders-James – House on Maxcy Street Available on and in E-Book

Contact Information:


Author Ann Jeffries – Walking On The Wilde Side available at and E-Book via and will be available in audio this month (May 2020)

Contact Information: For speaking engagements and appearances, visit

Contemporary Fiction (Romance and Crime)

Author Elizabeth LaShaun – Inconvenient Love, Lethal Love and A Mother’s love

Available on, Audiobook (no), Kindle and Nook (yes).

Contact Information:

Poetry (International Poet)

Author Neal Hall, M.D. – The Trembling Tiber a Black Poet’s Musings on Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Available at and

Contact Information:

Adult Suspense

Author Donna M. GrayBanks- Ila’s Diamond I, II, III

Available at,,, and, Ila’s Diamonds I, II and III available on E-Book and Kindle

Contact information: For speaking engagements and appearances, visit or

Health and Wellness

Author Leah Riddick Cunningham – Bad Memories Sabotage Healthy Emotions and Accommodating Bad Memories Sabotage Healthy Emotions (The Workbook)

Available at Audio (no) E-Book (no)

Contact Information: For speaking engagement and appearances, visit or

Donna M. Gray-Banks is founder and director of the F.R.E.S.H. Book Festivals.


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