It’s what Trump does; not what he says


There are 100 days before the election, and President Trump is behind in the polls. “We’ve been fooled by the polls before.

Listen, Trump has got a number of tricks up his sleeve to suppress the vote, to try to postpone the election, blaming the coronavirus, to any of the number of things where he will try to weasel his way out of this,” says movie director, Michael Moore.

As America gets closer to the election, Trump must find dirt on Biden, and the election will get nasty. It is extremely ironic that the biggest criminal in the White
House, calls himself the “law and order” president.

Not Mr. Popular

In the most recent poll by The Associated Press-NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research finds Trump numbers falling to a new low of 32%, and on the economy a pre-depression.

“The AP-NORC poll shows eight in 10 Americans say the country is heading in the wrong direction. That is more than at any point since President Trump took office. The poll also finds just 38% of Americans say the national economy is good, down from 67% in January, before the pandemic upended most aspects of everyday life,” says Julie Pace of the Associated Press.

With no leadership or organized federal strategy/plan with the coronavirus pandemic, the president and his administration has set up the country to fail. It does not matter what lies the president will tell the country during his new and revived daily briefings on the coronavirus, which he started last week.

He will continue to say, “He is doing a great job.”

Protecting lies

President Trump has told the American people that he has sent U.S. police and security
forces to Portland to protect the federal buildings and residents,
but none of that information is accurate or true.

A United Nations spokesperson told a news briefing in Geneva that reports of peaceful
protesters being arrested by unidentified officers were worrying, as they risked “arbitrary detention and other human rights violations.”

It is obvious that the rule of law is being violated in Portland, and it appears that other cities are on the list to receive the same policy and treatment.

The United Nations has also pleaded with the U.S. to halt the use of force against journalists – at least 70 of which have been placed in custody during protest and demonstrations.

Back to school

Also, in the new briefings, the president is pushing that students should go back to school, even if there is a transmission or outbreak. This makes no sense, but the president and his team believe that scientifically, children are not affected the same way as an adult.

As superintendents, unions, principals, teachers, and workers discuss what the president is thinking, he is threatening to cut money from states that refuse to comply.

With over 4 million Americans infected with the COVID-19 and over 146,000 have died, is President Trump really doing a good job? The president has canceled the Republican presidential convention, but he still wants children to go back to school.

Suppressing the vote

Democratic advisers warn that they expect the race to tighten up in the final stretch of the election. President Trump will be working on overtime to suppress the vote, and candidate Joe Biden must not let this happen.

The pandemic has been a powerful test for both candidates, and Biden must make a unifying choice for his vice-presidential partner.

Biden choice for Vice President, will determine the enthusiastic level and diversity promotion of the Democratic Party’s campaign. If the Black Lives Matter protesters and supporters vote for Biden, he is home free.

President Trump will continue to lie, and his base will continue to support him. The choices that Biden makes in the final three months of the election will determine if he wins.

Roger Caldwell, a community activist, author, journalist, radio host and CEO of On Point Media Group, lives in Orlando. Contact him at



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