Volusia teachers can apply for Farm Bureau grants


The Volusia County Farm Bureau has $2,000 set aside for mini grants up to $200 each. Grants are available for Volusia County educators, grades K-12.

The Farm Bureau offers the the mini-grant program to help Volusia teachers put together agriculture and science programs for their students “to learn, show pride in their accomplishments, and enjoy the education along the way.’’

Past mini-grant projects include salsa gardens, hydroponics, and composting. The Farm Bureau encourages teachers to use their imaginations to inspire the next generation of agriculture producers.

Grant recipients are asked to send a report back to the Farm Bureau when the project is completed. The report should include photos. The application deadline is Sept. 27.

“We give these mini-grants for a purpose; that is to assist the teaching of agriculture or sciences. And we’re certainly in favor of them in whatever way they can be used to teach. If teachers need any additional help, let us know,” said Bill Hester, Volusia County Farm Bureau executive director.

Email Caroline Newby at caroline.newby@ffbf.org or call 386-734-1612 for an application.



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