Volusia County Council confirms Van Kleeck as budget director

Aaron Van Kleeck is shown at his confirmation the morning of Oct. 6.


Volusia County has confirmed Aaron Van Kleeck as the county’s management and budget director.

County Manager George Recktenwald chose Van Kleeck to fill the role, saying it was part of his ongoing efforts at succession planning as managers prepare to retire or move on to other positions.

Van Kleeck is a lifetime Volusia County resident and longtime county employee who started in Road & Bridge in 2003. Following a stint in the county’s Parks, Recreation & Culture Division, Van Kleeck transferred into the budget office in January 2016 – first as a budget analyst and then a special projects coordinator.

Prior to his promotion, Van Kleeck served as management and budget’s operations manager since October 2018 – with duties that included preparation of the annual five-year capital improvement plan, providing senior management with long-range cost estimates, conducting complex financial analyses and managing the annual budget document.

Unanimously approved

Recktenwald held out Van Kleeck as a classic example of someone who worked his way up through the organization and positioned himself for advancement by seizing opportunities to take on added responsibilities and learn new skills.

“Aaron’s a great team builder,” Recktenwald told the council during Tuesday’s confirmation. “He works really well with people and he’s done a great job with budget administration and strategic planning.”

Council members, who unanimously approved Recktenwald’s choice, seemed equally impressed with Van Kleeck.

“No one came to me to ask me for my suggestion for this position, obviously,” Councilwoman Heather Post told Van Kleeck. “But I have to tell you if someone did come to me for my suggestion for the position, you would have been my first pick.”

Following his confirmation, Van Kleeck thanked co-workers, mentors who helped him along the way and council members for putting their faith in him.

“I also would like to thank each of you for your vote of confidence in me,” Van Kleeck told the council. “I will do my best to uphold the high standards of Volusia County and continue to serve the great residents through accuracy and transparency.”

Van Kleeck has a bachelor of science in business and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix.



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