Leaders making a last pitch to get Blacks to the polls

“It is important that the Black community come out and vote,” Volusia County Councilwoman Barbara Girtman said at a press conference in DeLand on Oct. 16.


In Volusia County, Black leaders and social justice organizations are calling for all Black voters to cast their ballots.

On Oct. 16, the Equal Ground Education Fund and the Volusia County Minority Elected Officials held a press conference in front of the Supervisor of Elections Office DeLand pressing the matter. The West Volusia NAACP, Daytona Beach/Volusia County NAACP and clergy from across the county also were on hand.

Of more than 30,000 Black voters in Volusia County, only 8,864 or 8 percent voted in the August primary.

“It is important that the Black community come out and vote. Your vote is important. You need to represent your community, family and nation. It’s critical that you have representation for your community that is for your community and about your community,” commented Volusia County Councilwoman Barbara Girtman.


Former County and Circuit Judge Hubert Grimes went a step further.

“I want you to vote. I encourage you to vote. Your vote is important. Don’t let anyone deter you. Voting got me elected. I am leading by example. I am dropping off my vote-by mail ballot today,” Grimes expressed.

The Supervisor of Elections Lisa Lewis also assured voters that they can vote in a safe environment.

“We want voters to know that they have a safe place to vote. We also have safety measure in place for the COVID-19 pandemic. We constantly clean and sanitize,’’ she said.

During the conference, several current and former elected officials also spoke on the importance of the Black community voting.

A full story about get-out-the-vote efforts will appear in the Thursday issue of the Daytona Times and will be posted later this week at Daytonatimes.com.



  1. I am 58 years old and I have had it way above my head about the color system in this nation everybody freeze the same everybody pees the same everybody uses the bathroom the same we all are the same the color of our skin does not make us with a person that they really are a good person or a bad person don’t matter what you are the color of your skin


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