Voters will be deciding on a number of county races in Tuesday’s election.

Joan Anthony, who is running for circuit judge, holds a campaign sign during a recent event in Daytona Beach.



While much of the general election attention is on the presidential race between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden, there is plenty at stake locally.

Local races also have plenty of African American and women candidates vying for seats on Nov. 3.

The race for the Florida House of Representatives District 26 is considered tight. Incumbent Elizabeth Fetterhoff (R) will try to fend off former seat holder Patrick Henry (D). Fetterhoff edged Henry by 61 votes in the 2018 midterm election.

“I think things are going quite well. We are running a clean campaign and telling the constituents what we will do for the district. We are counting on voter turnout to lead us to a win,” Henry told the Daytona Times.

County races

For the Volusia County School Board District 2 seat, incumbent, Ida Duncan Wright is facing a challenge from Anita Burnett, who garnered the most votes in the August primary.

Another battle on the ballot is for 7th Judicial Group Circuit Judge Group 14 between Joan Anthony and Dan Gilbert.

“I feel good. I have been campaigning in four counties with good feedback. I am working as hard as I can to get my name out and to run a clean campaign,” Anthony said.

Danny Fuqua is trying to unseat incumbent Billy Wheeler for Volusia County Chair, District 2.

“I feel good about the campaign. I feel Nov. 3 will be a good day,” said Fuqua.

Amendments too

Tony Servance is trying to unseat incumbent Anthony Delgado for Daytona Beach commission zone 2 seat.

For Volusia County Chair, current Commissioner Deborah Deb Denys faces Jeff Brower.

Also, on the ballot are six amendments that could change Florida laws. They need 60 percent of the vote to pass.

One of the biggest is Amendment 2, which would raise the minimum wage in the Florida from $8.56 per hour to $10 per hour by the 2021 fiscal year and eventually to $15 per hour by 2026.

Local referendums

Also, in Volusia County a referendum on whether the county should continue to fund Environmental, Cultural, Historical and Outdoor Recreation Projects to Enhance the Quality of Life or ECHO grants is on the ballot.

Another county referendum on the ballot is Volusia Forever: Acquisition and Improvement of Environmental Sensitive Water Resource Protection and Outdoor Recreation Use, which deals with whether the county should purchase lands to provide water conservation and recreation use.

Voter turnout stressed

Candidates are encouraging Black voters to participate.

“We must do everything we can to increase African American turnout. I encourage everyone to call 25 family or friends daily until they vote. We need people to vote and vote the entire ballot. We can get change, but step 1 is to vote,” stressed Henry.

Fuqua added, “We need to mobilize the Black community by educating them. We must also let them know there is early voting in Midtown. We must encourage the college students to vote. We depend on their votes to get elected too.”

Another way to get Black voters to the polls may be just giving them a hand.

Anthony added, “Sometimes it is just a matter of helping. Many just need rides to the polls. I have done that. We must also keep voters informed on candidates, amendments and more.”



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