B-CU alum’s debut rap single encourages young people to vote

“Kino Ink,’’ a new rap artist, says he wants his music to empower other youth.


Aquino Cole, professionally known as “Kino Ink,” is releasing his debut single, “Write A Way” to launch his career as a rap musician.

The single is a PSA wake-up encouraging young people to not only register to vote but cast their ballot in the upcoming Nov. 3 election.

“I want my music to empower other youth to stay focused, get a degree and obtain practical experience by working first,” Cole said.

Humble beginnings

Cole is a Fort Lauderdale native who started writing at the age of 3. Writing has been a passion for the artist since preschool where he would often read short stories given to him by his mother. As a matter of fact, his rap name originated from his passion.

Cole was known as “Kino” and he added “Ink” when writing became reality and the blood in the pen became ink.

“Kino bleeds through the ink,” he said.

Cole left home when he was 13, unhappy with the hustling and crime he witnessed daily in his Lauderdale Lakes community

As an escape, he watched cartoons and played video games to imagine himself escaping from poverty and feeling immortal-the superheroes helped him to believe he could accomplish anything.

Although he always wanted to be a rap musician, Cole realized he needed a college education to supplement the “knowledge” that he learned from the streets.

Businessman and entrepreneur

Cole graduated Bethune-Cookman University with a degree in business and entrepreneurship. He spent his time at B-CU learning about accounting, finance, economics and business management. Cole is a former bank officer for Fifth Third Bank.

He took those skills he learned and today he is the owner of Collage Recording Studio, a full-service recording studio based in Ormond Beach.

His plan included saving enough funds to launch his rap music career by buying houses to rent and flipping houses to sell. Kino Ink’s most recent employment was with 53 Bank as a branch officer.

His debut single “Write A Way” single is available on iTunes, YouTube and all digital platforms. Cole’s Ink’s debut EP, “Diary of Negroes,’’ will be released independent label, Intellectual Property Music Corp., sometime next year.

For more information, send an email to inkkino@gmail.com.



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