Locals react to Trump’s impeachment, Capitol riots



On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald Trump.

It follows a Jan. 6 insurrection when a crowd of Trump supporters breached the Capitol building, clashing with law enforcement, damaging property and forcing lawmakers to be taken to secure locations. It resulted in six deaths, including two police officers.

Local residents expressed their views to the Daytona Times about the impeachment and the Capitol riots.

Jennifer Howard, Ormond Beach Neighbors United Black Lives Matter movement

On the impeachment: “I think impeachment is going to make things worse with Trump supporters and take away from Biden’s first 100 days. We need to move on from the nightmare of the Trump administration and finally honor the constitution granting life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all people regardless of race, color or identification.’’

On the Capitol riots: “I am not surprised with the insurrection or lack of preparation from the Capitol police or National Guard. Sometimes we break our own hearts with unrealistic expectations. These domestic terrorists talked about this for weeks on social media.”

Dyrell Johnson aka Rell Black, Community Healing Project executive director

On the impeachment: “I think he deserves to face consequences. They want to keep him from benefits and running for office again, but I think we have other pressing issues which I hope the impeachment won’t take away from. People are still dying from the coronavirus. We still have crime, poverty, illiteracy and other issues to address.

On the Capitol riots: “I was stunned. I do think that over the summer some of the protests that I led if they had happened at the Capitol many of us wouldn’t have come back alive. It’s a shame that it happened, and our children had to watch that. I am very disappointed.’’

Cynthia Slater, Daytona Beach/Volusia County NAACP president

On the impeachment: “As the National NAACP office says, our local branch supports impeachment. What this man has done has destroyed the oath of office an incited the riots at the capitol. Lives were lost and property damaged.”

On the Capitol riots: “It was a disgrace. The entire world watched domestic terrorists take over the Capitol building. They damaged the building and our institution of democracy itself. They are saying it was somebody else when clearly they had Confederate and Donald Trump flags. Had it been Black Lives Matter protestors they would have never gotten inside the building.’’

Pastor Evans Smith, Morning Star Baptist Church

On the impeachment: “I guess it’s never too late to impeach a president. The Republicans in the Senate was needed the first time around. How much will impeachment cost the nation this time? Hopefully, now they can focus on $2,000 stimulus checks for Americans. The pandemic has exacerbated the poor and working-class financial problems.’’

On the Capitol riots: It was illegal and criminal. This is why Black lives matter. Our nation has a double standard in protests between Blacks and Whites. Innocent Black people are protesting Black people being killed by police but are thrown in jail. Many of these violent offenders weren’t stopped at all. Racism and White Supremacy exists, and this country needs to tell the truth. Even the President-elect who sponsored the 1994 crime bill and voted for the Iraq War stated that Black people are treated differently.”



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